The clan has had 19 chiefs to date, they are listed below.

the 19 chiefs of the clan macthomas

1st, Thomas, late 1400's, succeeded by his son

2nd, John MacThomaidh, Late 1400's - Early 1500's, succeeded by his son (or grandson)

3rd, Adam MacThomaidh, early 1500's, succeeded by his son

4th, Robert MacThomaidh of The Thom, late 1500's, succeeded by his younger brother

5th, John McComie of Finegand, 1600 - 1610, succeeded by his eldest grandson

6th, Alexander McComie of Finegand, 1610 - 1637, succeeded by his eldest son

7th, John McComie of Finegand & Forter (Iain Mor), 1637 - 1674, succeeded by his third son

8th, James McComie of Forter, 1674-1676, succeeded by his younger brother

9th, Thomas McComie of Forter, 1676 - 1695, succeeded by his younger brother

10th, Angus Thomas, 1695 - 1708, succeeded by his eldest son

11th, Robert Thomas, 1708 - 1740, succeeded by his eldest son

12th, David Thomas, 1740 - 1751, succeeded by his younger brother

13th, Henry Thoms, 1751 - 1797, succeeded by his eldest son

14th, William Thoms, 1797 - 1843, succeeded by his nephew

15th, Patrick Hunter Thoms of Aberlemno, 1843 - 1882, succeeded by his eldest son

16th, George MacThomas Thoms of Aberlemno, 1882 - 1903, succeeded by his nephew

17th, Alfred MacThomas Thoms of Aberlemno, 1903 - 1958, succeeded by his eldest son

18th, Patrick Watt MacThomas of Finegand, 1958 - 1970, succeeded by his only son

19th, Andrew Patrick MacThomas of Finegand, 1970 - date