Dundee University Bursary

The scholarship is worth £500 and will be paid in a single instalment at the start of the second year.

This scholarship is provided by the Clan MacThomas Society, which was founded in 1954 to maintain the traditions and heritage of the Clan and promote interest in its history and future. The Society is providing a scholarship to support an undergraduate student at the University of Dundee who either bears or is descended from any of the MacThomas sept names. Students may be undertaking any course of study and the award will consist of a one-off payment at the start of the second year of study at the University.

Eligible applicants must:

Be a first-year undergraduate student at the University of Dundee.

Either have or have a connection to any of the following surnames (or their variants): Thom, Thoms, Thomson*, Thomas*, Tam, Combe, McCombe, Combie, McCombie, McComie, McComb, McColm, McComas, McComish, MacOmish, MacOmie.

Note: * As these names occur independently of the Clan MacThomas in other parts of the U.K. it must be identified that the applicant's family originally came from the counties of the North East of Scotland - Perthshire, Fife, Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire.

Application procedure:

Eligible applicants should complete an application form (link) as well as writing a short personal letter in support of their application. This should clearly identify their connection to the MacThomas Clan and outline how they expect to use the funds provided by the award.

The deadline for applications is normally the end of February each year - extended to the end of April in 2019.

Successful applicants must write a short article about their first year at University that will be published in the Clan's magazine and website.

Applicants must also allow the Society to include their name and photograph in any publicity material the Society may wish to publish.The Clan's Sennachie is a personal appointment by the Chief. Today he or she is the custodian of genealogies, records and histories of the Clan and its Chiefs, and members within the greater clan family. His or her responsibility is to ensure the myriad ties of the lines and families of the clan family are both secure and accurate as they progress and evolve through the fullness of time.