Join Clan MacThomas today to keep up to date with all our regional news, attend our gatherings, receive regional newsletters and read the annual society magazine. The Clan MacThomas Society has been consistently active since 1954 and celebrated its diamond jubilee in 2014.


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In return for their subscription each member receives a copy of the Society's annual magazine "Clach na Coileach" and periodic Society and Branch newsletters. The Society holds regular gatherings in the Clan's ancient lands in Glenshee. Full details of these and other activities around the world can be found on this website. Members can also ask the Clan Sennachie (genealogist) for advice about researching their family trees.

Membership includes:

  • Clach na Coileach - our printed annual magazine

  • Regular newsletters

  • An enhanced genealogy service

  • Invites to our triennial Clan gathering in Scotland

  • Preferential rates for attending certain Clan events

There are active Branches of the Society in Australia, Europe and North America (US and Canada). The Society is also keen to promote branches in New Zealand and South Africa where we already have members.

There is a great opportunity of members who want to do so to become actively involved in work for the Society or in investigation of their family history within the context of the clan, affording immense interest and satisfaction. However none of this is compulsory and many members may wish to take a less active part, satisfied in the knowledge that their membership helps to make possible the broadening of awareness of the Clan and its history, and the preservation of its traditions.

Full Membership of the Society is extended to all those having some connection with one of the Clan ‘Sept Names’ i.e. the surnames listed on the homepage. At the discretion of Council interested well-wishers without such a connection may be offered Associate Membership. Further checks may be required if your Surname is Thomas or Thomson.

If you meet these criteria and would like to become a member please continue below - we would like to extend a very warm welcome to you from all at Clan MacThomas.