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This site will be of particular interest if your name, that of your mother or a close relative is one of the following:

Combe | Combie | McColm | McComas | McComb | McCombe | McCombie | MacOmie | MacOmish | McComie | McComish | Tam | Thom | Thomas* | Thoms | Thomson*

* Not all are MacThomas

The prefixes "Mc" and "Mac" are interchangeable.



Find out about our clan, the clan society, our history and the lands we originally came from in Scotland.



Keep up to date with the latest from the clan's worldwide activities. We're active in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.

Main image: A93 in Glenshee by Mike Stephen. Glenshee, Scotland, is the ancestral home of Clan MacThomas.